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Client Support

Our onsite clinic models are adaptable.  We offer a variety of options, such as:

1. Full Service Occupational Medicine Clinic

2. Alternative Solutions

We are excited to work with our clients to analyze and determine the needs of their employee population.


Potential benefits from employer on-site clinics

  1. Reduced lost work time and absenteeism
  2. Avoidance of higher cost and time consuming settings (e.g., ERs)
  3. Reduced referrals to and use of costly services from specialists
  4. Lower workers’ compensation as well as non-occupational disability costs
  5. When combined with an on-site pharmacy, improved medication compliance, generic and therapeutic substitution and formulary adherence
  6. Lower medical spend amongst users of the on-site clinic through greater utilization of screening and preventive services, and more timely care access
  7. Improved employee morale, retention, loyalty and productivity as well as a recruitment and retention inducement

Manage operational costs and fully utilize staff

  1.  Cost factors include scope of services, facility size / location, staffing model
  2. Realistic expectations: generating an ROI takes time (1-3 years)
    • ROI is a function of not only savings (direct and indirect) achieved, but also costs
    • The timeline for success and a favorable ROI is mainly dictated by how rapidly employees adopt the clinic and utilize its services
  3. Ideally each unit of service offered should be delivered at a lower cost basis than those procured externally
In a challenging environment, we often recommend that an employer pursue a phased approach to clinic implementation
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