Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business
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Federal Contracting / Consulting

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Traekos Health is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business. We focus on outreach, process improvement, optimization of workflow, training, operations and delivery analysis, data analytics, population health, disease prevention, health care information technology, and corporate wellness.

We work with our clients to understand the operating environment, define strategic goals, reduce spending and improve the operations and delivery of services. We will collaborate with your team to bring solutions that enhance your capabilities and provide strategic objectives that lead to successful outcomes.

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"This project would not have been possible without the services of Traekos. Dr. Matos provided content knowledge expertise to facilitate an academic-Department of Defense information exchange. He provided real-world insight on how Tricare beneficiaries interact with the health care system that resulted in the clinically coded data received and analyzed as part of the project."

-Susan Hutfless, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

Patient focused medicine
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Independent Medical Examinations / Medical Reviews / Utilization Review

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) are evaluations performed by a physician not involved in the care of the patient, these evaluations provide an unbiased medical opinion for clarifying clinical diagnosis and treatment issues. IMEs are an important component of workers' compensation systems and are also used to clarify disability or liability associated cases. IMEs often include impairment evaluations; these evaluations are often used to provide an objective understanding of the impact of an injury or illness.

Medical Reviews and Utilization Reviews utilize a physician reviewer not involved in the care of the patient to review a request for medical treatment. The purpose of the review is to compare requests for medical services to evidence based treatment guidelines that are deemed appropriate for such services and includes a recommendation based on that comparison. The goal of these reviews is to minimize costs and determine if the recommended treatment is appropriate.

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Tactical Fitness and Wellness

Our Tactical Fitness and Wellness program was developed with the unique physical and environmental challenges of firefighters and law enforcement professionals. These careers present a variety of unique physical challenges and environmental exposures which can cause serious — sometimes career-ending — physical injury and illness. The goal of this health and wellness program is to evaluate and help prevent injuries and exposure related health concerns. Our team includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, health coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers to provide a holistic approach to the evaluation and implementation of tools, support and strategies to optimize wellness.

"City of Davenport employees continuously comment on the exceptional quality of care provided by Traekos Workforce Medicine. Union President and District Chiefs of Fire Department all have endorsed Traekos Workforce Medicine to fellow departments across the State of Iowa."

-Kenneth Asta
Rock Valley Health (A Division of Rock Valley Physical Therapy)

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Onsite Occupational Medicine

Traekos was founded with the mission to provide high-quality, personalized care that has not been available within the industry. Our corporate mission is to improve health outcomes, while meeting the needs of both the employees and employers. Traekos operates on the belief that onsite care is flexible, customizable and holistic. The foundation of our approach is based upon providing the best patient experience and care, while also fostering an environment of continuous quality improvement. We are dedicated to focusing on a small number of clients in order to ensure we maintain the quality of care and customer service we believe our clients deserve.